Is Apple iPhone SE 2020 a better deal than previous year iPhone XR?


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Recently Apple has unveiled iPhone SE 2020, a phone with the body of old gen iPhones with new processor and technology at the lowest price possible.

But is it worth it to spend $399( ₹42,500 ) on the new iPhone Se rather than getting a $ 599( ₹52,500 ) iPhone XR

Let's check out the major areas of a mobile phone.


SE has a13 bionic chip which is the latest chip used in iPhone 11 series, so Se performance is undoubtedly the best till now as compared to Xr as it has a12 bionic chip.
 both A13 and a12 are Hexa core processors but 4 core perform power-efficient and 2 high performing cores. A13 is 20 % faster and almost 25 % more power-efficient than A12.
on GPU, Apple claims an improved speed of 20% in the GPU of A13 chip over the GPU of the A12 chip. It is also claimed to be 25% more power-efficient than the A12 Bionic chip.
Coming to the Neural Engine, Apple’s very own 8 core third-generation AI engine on the A13 Bionic chip has resulted in a 20% faster speed and 15% more power efficiency as compared to the A12 Bionic chip.

 iPhone XR’s larger 6.1-inch LCD versus the 4.7-inch panel on the iPhone SE
 here bigger means better
 immersive experience when watching videos and playing games
bigger screen means more space to maneuver fingers while playing the game which is not a good thing for 4.7 inch SE as there is barely any space to move fingers for playing games like Pubg, Fortnite, Call of Duty.
more content will fit in the 6.1-inch screen as compared to the 4.7-inch screen.

Both XR and SE share the same Camera sensor but still, SE manages to get better images and videos as compared to XR thanks to the A13 Bionic chipset.
We can say SE has a Hybrid camera as a camera sensor of XR and processing unit from iPhone 11. optical image stabilization is better than XR and improved a lot.
The camera interface of SE is similar to iPhone 11 series interface as the square mode is missing and rear camera portrait mode has all 6 filters where XR has only 3 (Natural, Studio, Contour).
SE front camera can't record 1080p video at 60 fps & Animoji and Memoji making feature is missing from SE.

Next-generation Smart HDR for photos feature in SE.

Apple removed Touch ID in 2018 and brought it back with SE.
XR has Face ID which is more secure as it used a 3d model of our face with the help of's more convenient and it even works in dark. rest depends on the preference of the person as for me both are good as Apppl devices are more secured than any other device.


SE has a small battery but has a power-efficient chipset and a small size screen which requires less power, Apple has claimed 13 hours of video playback and 40 hours of audio playback on a single charge whereas in XR,16 hours of video for the iPhone XR and 65 hours of audio in a single charge.
though both iPhones support fast charging sadly none of them comes with any fast charger but a 5wattcharger .fast charger has to be purchased separately for fast charging.



Today also an iPhone 6s works smoothly with 2gb ram but both SE and XR are packed with 3gb ram which results in more performance. Apple IOS are more stable and optimized than other OS. That's why they don't need more ram.
NVMes are one of the fastest storage available in the market. Apple has been using them since they introduced iPhone 6s. both are read and write speed is super fast.


iPhone SE 2020 is better than iPhone XR in terms of price (iPhone SE 2020 starting from ₹42,500 & iPhone XR ₹52,500) 


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