Oneplus 8 pro x-ray vision advance technology


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Oneplus is on news for all wrong   reasons recently Oneplus unveiled their flagship killer phone Oneplus 8 Pro with 5 g technology but soon after it  came to news for all the wrong reason.

As the infrared camera lens which is used is having a special feature that didn't go well with the netizens as it possesses threat and invasion to the privacy of people.
The company which gives a feel of the flagship at a lower cost.

It took almost 10 years to add features like IP68 rating and wireless charging as they believe in saving cost but their flagship killer Oneplus 8 Pro has photo Chrome Colour filter which has a special feature of x-ray vision. While unveiling the phone company promoted this as a feature for giving more filters to the images taken by the phone.
But soon people started posting photos that their Oneplus 8 Pro can see-through plastic and soon things turn ugly for Oneplus as people posted photos where it can see through even some clothing also.


Why would someone need to this type of technology as it is only required to check threats for security purpose only?

Apple iPhones have an infrared camera but it doesn't take x-ray photos as their camera is used for face unlock feature.
In the year 1998 Sony also produced a Handycam with x-ray vision feature which can see through people's clothing. But ripped the special feature of new versions of the camera.

One plus has released a statement where they will release a firmware Update which will inactive this feature. But this update will be only available for Oneplus Chinese variant not for the global version.

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