Raftaar loses cool in Delhi audition on a contestant who admitted to have shot a stray dog on forehead


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The 17th Season of Roadies, titled as Roadies Revolution starts audition round in the Delhi city. Rannvijay Singha, Nikhil Chinapa, Neha Dhupia, Prince Narula and Raftaar make a fantastic section presenting a sonnet on the issues of society. 

Them five discussion about the change they mean to bring this season.

The show gives a look at all the audition procedure. 

Rannvijay Singha, Nikhil Chinapa, Neha Dhupia, Prince Narula and Raftaar enter the tryout region. Rannvijay declares all the things from seats to props are reused from burn through things by the team this time. 

Mahaguru Rannvijay declares that they won't have gang leaders yet the four will go about as leaders of revoution this time. The four leaders should procure stars beginning from the audition round. The procedure is basic. They will simply need to send specific message saying 'yes' or 'no' on Rannvijay's telephone prediting if the candidate will get selected or not.

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Rannvijay welcomes the first contestant in Delhi auditions. 

Abhimanyu Singh, 22, from Bhopal is the first to show up in the Roadies. He is a national level gold medalist in skating, is a trained vocalist, tabla player, worked with NGOs, suicide helpline and happens to be the most youthful wellness and health mentor. 

Abhimanyu expects to be the ace everything being equal and assist individuals with battling anxiety, depression. He sings a unique and original song wrote by him and Neha Dhupia looks strongly intrigued. He additionally performs stunts. 

At the point when gotten some information about his wildest fantasy, Abhimanyu said that he wants to dance in front of an audience on stage in between Aishwarya Rai and Deepika Padukone. Nikhil considers him a befuddled soul and what he displays about himself, he isn't that, all things considered. He says he isn't seeing the genuine Abhimanyu. 

Neha contends in support of Abhimanyu that dreams rely upon an individual to individual. 

Rannvijay, Nikhil, Prince and Raftaar inquire as to whether he needs to be an actor. Abhimanyu says yes in the event that he gets a chance, he will act just to utilize it in expanding footing for his wellness and health field. He doesn't plan to be an actor. 

When it comes to selection, just Neha turns on the light. Neha contends with other leaders that Abhimanyu has the right to be in the excursion as you can't pass judgment on an individual on his dream as he has all the characteristics of a Roadie. Rannvijay, subsequent to hearing all the contentions gives a thumbs up to Abhimanyu. 

Rannvijay now declares the forecast. Just Raftaar and Neha had anticipated 'yes' and the previous' started things out so he gets a star.

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The second contestant is Zabi Khan from Hyderabad, a young animal rights activist. He rescues abandoned and abused animals. He, at 20, was nominated for Padma Shri in 2018. He was selected as the best volunteer at the UN and won the Pride of Telengana. He was proclaimed as Indian's moving eco-sapien by a media house. 

He began running a shelter home at 13 years old. While he was studying engineering, he proposed opening a shelter inside the collage campus being run and dealt with by the students. This made his collage, India's first animal friendly collage, where animals would come in collage transports and students would acquire points/credits for taking care of the animals.

The leaders consider him a motivation. Rannvijay requests that he tell the youths on cam a couple of significant things they have to begin a shelter home or draw out a change. 

Zabi Khan says empathy is the most significant if one should be a changemaker, not sit tight for gifts and synergistic administration. He informs if an individual is thinking concerning bringing a change, the thought doesn't have a place with only him, it has a place with the world. 

Zabi advises that now he is graduating, his school has offered Rs 4 lakh grant and a seat in his school to a basic entitlements lobbyist, who will deal with the safe house in his nonappearance. He is searching for the opportune individual to supplant him. 

Rannvijay chooses to call the following competitor and check with Zabi on the off chance that he possesses all the necessary qualities. Turns out, the challenger Aakash Rana from Chandigarh, expounded on shooting a pooch on the temple in self-preservation. Aakash says he had a firearm and he was terrified that the canine had rabies as it had assaulted his nephew. 

This beginnings a colossal contention among Zabi and Aakash. The pioneers blow up observing Aakash's mentality. Raftaar loses his cool and Rannvijay takes steps to send him to imprison as he had utilized the firearm without permit. 

During the connection, Aakash likewise discusses hitting a young lady during a New Year celebration. This time, he contends with Neha. Sovereign goes to him and requests that he amend his mix-ups and apologize. 

Raftaar schools him for abusing and affronting his family's name. Rannvijay guides him to leave and Aakash storms towards Raftaar. Rannvijay goes to stop the challenger and Aakash won't leave from the room. 

Afterward, Rannvijay advises Zabi to engage the pioneers. Zabi moves and all the pioneers press the lights. For Zabi, Prince had sent 'yes' and he wins a star.

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The next contestant, Vipin Sahu from Uttar Pradesh enters. He presents himself as the 'paragliding guy'. Raftaar, Nikhil and Raftaar are stunned and glad to see him. Vipin tells that he has 'acrophobia' and needed to battle his feelings of fear. Rannvijay guides him to re-authorize it while holding tight to a bar. All the leaders have a fabulous time watching him. 

Vipin uncovers his younger brother had uploaded the video in anger and that is the way it became a web sensation. Nikhil uncovers he is really glad to see him. 

Rannvijay asks how he wishes to get an upset. Vipin advises that he needs to use his 'dread' and transform it into quality. He discusses giving 'roti, kapda and naukri' to the oppressed. He does as such by utilizing 8-10 percent of his compensation consistently. Consistently he gives nourishment, safe house and independent company to the destitute. 

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He has come to Roadies to change his picture and show individuals more than the label he has earned after his video became famous online. 

Ranvvijay guides him to show his quality and Vipin does one-hand pushups. All the pioneers gesture in support of him. 

Rannvijay tells Prince has sent him an image of Neha yet neglected to send 'yes'. Sovereign giggles saying that Vipin was clever to such an extent that he neglected to type.


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