Trouble in paradise for Nawazuddin Siddiqui


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The 46 years old actor recently came into news for traveling to his hometown amid this lockdown & now he is again in today's headlines.
A legal notice was sent to Nawazuddin on May 7 through email and WhatsApp, but his response is still awaited as he had rushed home to be there for his ailing mother.
The actor traveled from Mumbai to Budhana by road. He took permission from the authorities to travel between states amidst the COVID-19 lockdown and he is in self-quarantine for 14 days.

 Aliya, who told in an interview that she had a troubled marriage for the past decade. She further told  'self-respect is important in a marriage. Woh meri khatam ho chuki thi'. 
Aaliya further added that she got a lot of time to introspect during the lockdown and there are no chances of reconciliation.

Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Aaliya Siddiqui divorce row: Here are ... 

Photo credits - Times of India

When she was asked about what made her take the decision to divorce, she said: "I won't be able to speak on the issues right away, but yes, we have been having problems from the last ten years."
She further included," He (Nawaz) had never lifted his hands on me, yet the yelling and contentions had gotten unendurable. His sibling had even hit me. His mom and siblings and sisters-in-law used to remain with us just in Mumbai. In this way, I've been bearing a ton for so many years. His first spouse had likewise disregarded him consequently. It's an example. There are now seven cases enrolled by the spouses of their home against them, and four separations have occurred. This is the fifth one. It's an example in his family. You leave a great deal to maintain a strategic distance from humiliation before others, yet what amount would you be able to take in affection. My sister is supporting me as my dad and mom are no more, and my sibling had died last December.

Claiming how Nawazuddin didn't possess energy for his children and what she will do now, Aaliya made some all the more stunning disclosures. "Anyway huge an entertainer you've become, what's the point in case you're not a decent individual? What's the point in the event that you can't regard your better half and children? Our children don't recollect when their dad last visited them. It's been 3-4 months since he's met his children, however, he couldn't care less, so even the children have gotten accustomed to it and don't get some information about him. I need the sole authority of my children. A few people can't deal with notoriety, and Nawaz is one of them. What's more, I've endured a lot of lack of regard at home. I've currently chosen to expel his name from me and make my own character. Toward the start of our marriage, he had disclosed to me that it's sufficient that for us that he's the sole provider. I don't have the foggiest idea what I will do, yet I need to live with deference, not as the spouse of a star.

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Even after supporting him so much despite knowing about his affairs solely because of his public image, Aaliya claims her husband used to keep demeaning her, saying, "Nawaz would keep telling me that I don't know anything, I don't know how to speak, which is why he couldn't take me in front of others. He wanted me to not speak in front of others as he didn't feel I could. I didn't want to always speak, but how can you disrespect your wife like this. I was even admitted for panic attacks due to this, some time ago. I want to remove this chapter from my life as a bad dream.
Nawaz is yet to comment.
On the work front, Nawaz has a big release Ghoomketu a comedy movie that is to be released at  OTT platform ZEE5

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