Garlic Water-Health secrets


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Garlic has medicinal properties that fight off bacteria, viruses, molds, and yeast naturally. It cleanses the liver and helps the intestinal track fight off bad bacteria that collects over time. Garlic water is instant nutrition since it does not have to be digested by the body.

Now this is all that we all are aware of today. But is there more in it? How can it affect if you drink it everyday? Curious to know how it beautifies your immune? Then just take a look!

#1.Your Kidneys will be healthy!!

Garlic Water can make all the differences in the world and scientist confirm that. A study from Punjab University showed that garlic both treats and prevents the growth of a pathogen called P. aeruginosa.This pathogen basically fills your urinary tract walls, causing all kinds of kidney problems and infecrions.

To prevent this, eat 3-4 garlic cloves evryday or have a glass of garlic water every morning.

#2.Your blood will become thinner!!

According to Shilpa Arora, a microbiotic and health nutritionist, Garlic is extremely beneficial for your Lipid profile. Drinking garlic water will help you stabilize your blood pressure. Your cholestrol is in good hands too!! A study shows that garlic can easily reduce "bad" LDL cholestrol by 10-15%. So whenever you feel like your condition is getting worse, just pour yourself a glass of garlic water...

#3.Your blood sugar will be in check

A study by the faculty of Science at Kuwait Univerity stated that raw garlic can effortlessly lower blood glucose level.One more reason to drink garlic water regularly!

#4.You'll have stronger bones!!

Osteoarthritis and joint pain are among the most common problems for people around the world. According to a study in BMC Musculoskeletol disorders journal, a diet high in allium vegetables (such as onions, leeks, and of course, garlic) may lower the risk of osteoarthritis and other bones related problem.Garlic helps in maintaing a healthy level of Estrogen, which is crucial for skeletol and over all bone health.

#5.Your eyesight will improve

Scientist from Iran conducted a study and found that garlic can reduce intraocular pressure. It prevents several very dangerous eye conditions, this can be counted as an additional health precaution.

#6.Your workouts will be ore effective

If you are looking for an efficient workout boost, then you are at the right place!! Garlic has always been used from ancient times to get rid of fatigue and boost work capacity. So yeah, garlic can petty much do it all...

#7.You'll lose weight

Consuming garlic water first thing in the morning before breakfast wakes up your digestive system, and ensures its smooth work throughout the day. Moreover, the sulfur components found in garlic prevents the inflammation needed for fat cellsto expand. As a result, you not only lose a significant amount of weight in a completely healthy way, but also get all the nutritional benefits from the food you consume.

#8.Your skin will be clear

Garlic has been known well for its antioxident and inflamatory properties which helps flushing out the toxics out of your skin. And when your body is perfectly healthy from the inside, you look flawless from the outside!! Research shows that garlic can significantly reduce ACNE.

So if you are having any of the above mentioned sufferings, then this extremely healthy therapy is just the thing for you!!

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