Tahir Hussain accused of spreading violence in the capital and involved in Ankit Sharma's Death?


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Delhi Violence: A man captured in video expected to be Tahir Hussain, who is a Municipal Councilor, on the rooftop alongside some other men; these men have all the involved in stone-throwing.


New Delhi: Controversy has ejected over the participation of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader Tahir Hussain in the demise of Ankit Sharma, the Intelligence Bureau (IB) representative who was discovered dead in one of the locality in notheast Delhi area suffered by four days of viciousness over citizenship law protests, in which 32 citizens have been killed. 

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Ankit Sharma, whose body was found in a drain not very far from his home in Jaffrabad, was assaulted by a horde and beaten him till his last breath on his way home on Tuesday. 

After the body was found on Wednesday, his dad Ravinder Sharma, who is an IB representative, claimed that supporters of Tahir Hussain had killed his boy. He further affirmed that his child had been shot after he was beaten; the body has been sent for an autopsy.

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Ankit Sharma's neighbors claimed that stones and petrol bombs had been thrown from the top of the five-story building owned by Mr Tahie Hussain. 

This demonstrate a man expected to be Mr Tahir Hussain, who is a Municipal Councilor, on the rooftop alongside some other men; these men appear in an impression of being engaged with stone-throwing. 

At a certain point the man expected to be Mr Tahir Hussain is seen holding a lathi. 

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In the recordings, gigantic crest of smoke appear to be surging up directly from underneath the same property, proposing Mr Tahir Hussain's home also may have been under assualt.

The AAP leader released a video in which he guaranteed his not guilt and not involved in the chaos. 

"The report about me is bogus. Since Kapil Mishra's despise discourse, the circumstance in Delhi has destroyed, with stone throwing and brutality occurring. The same situation occued here (at his house) two days ago," Mr Tahir Hussain said in a video posted on Twitter. 

In the video, Mr Tahir Hussain clarifies that a crowd broke into his home and moved to the rooftop to complete the assaults. He says he "calling the police" who showed up "a few hours after" and, after the protesters were cleared, asked them to protect his home to guarantee this situation will not happen again. 

He says the police instructed him to go out, which he did. 

"I don't have a clue why the police later moved its force away and then again the horde came back to dispatch assaults from that point. I am bothered by what has occurred and need you to realize that I am a quiet Indian Muslim and will consistently work for the nation and Hindu Muslim relations. Please trust me," he said. 

In the video, he is wearing a similar garments - a red half sleeved sweater over a white shirt - as found in the recordings of him purportedly moving around on the rooftop. 

Persistent viciousness has destroyed northeast Delhi since Sunday, as people forming groups for and against the citizenship law conflict. 

Stone throwing, illegal conflagration and vandalism have been accounted for as goons rampage through the roads and streets armed with iron poles, sticks and weapons. Smoke has been seen to be from different spots as buildings, shops and, in one occasion, an petrol pump were set on fire. 

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NSA Ajit Doval, who has been entrusted with reestablishing request in brutality hit localities, made a second visit to in affected locales, offering an individual assurance to residents of the locality. 

In the midst of the exceptional brutality, over which the Delhi High Court today gave a sharp reprimand to Delhi Police, Prime Minister Narendra Modi offered his first pubic statement, calling for "harmony and brotherhood". 

Delhi Police has filed 18 FIRs and arrested 106 individuals in connection with the brutality, which they said to be under control now.


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